A visit to African Women’s Economic Policy Network (AWEPON) was initiated by the FEMCOM Secretariat to identify potential areas of collaboration between the two bodies.

The mission reveled that AWEPON is a regional/continental organization which aims to identify and advocate for policy gaps concerning women in business, including business incubation and access to finance. This certainly aligns with FEMCOM’s strategic priorities.

Through the visit, a set of Training Tool Kit was provided. The training materials are comprised of information on entrepreneurship, access to market, SMEs development, access to finance and so on. The FEMCOM Secretariat intends to increase the access to such beneficial information by disseminating the provided materials to women in business in the member states.

A follow-up visit to AWEPON, along with a visit to FEMCOM Uganda Chapter (UWEAL), has been scheduled for May 19-21, 2013, whereby issues surrounding cassava clusters will be discussed. Handover of the SME certificates and entrepreneurial equipments to the community shall also take place.