Wairimu is Mercy Vision Member
“Before I joined the group I was living miserably always with family problems such as lack of nutritional and enough food for my 4 children, Children were out of school due to lack of school fees and lack of bus fare. I used to cook using charcoal and kerosene and had no investment.
After I joined Mercy Vision, my life changed for the better. I am in charge of knitting and beading at Mercy Vision and I am currently involved in training other community members at our facility. It’s unbelievable I am now an expert in textile work” says a jovial Wairimu.
Catherine narrates that since she joined the group,she is able to feed her family 6 members, assist her husband to pay the house rent, school fees, and has managed to buy two Embroidery machines where she has set up a family business.
Catherine has empowered all her 4 children and now they participate in textile work including knitting, crocheting and tailoring.
She has managed to purchase two gas cylinders and a cooker which she is currently using besides constructing a permanent family house in her rural home.