Soon after the establishment of the Secretariat, FEMCOM Board approved its Medium Term Strategic Plan at the 3rd Board Meeting on September 28-29, 2009.
This plan had been developed based on FEMCOM’s ‘Theory of Change’ – Principle, Policy and Practice. The empowerment of women in business and development starts with an active enunciation of the principle of equality of opportunity and treatment. In order for an institution to articulate such a principle, policy-level interference or formalization of policies through necessary legislative processes must take place. The policies will then be ultimately put into practice through appropriate programming and budgetary support. In order FEMCOM to foster the sequence of these three components, it is inevitable that FEMCOM ensures dedicated resources, capable leadership, and smart partnership between its stakeholders: governments, the donor or development community, the private sector, women associations and entrepreneurs and the COMESA and FEMCOM Secretariat