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Katherine Nyangui Ichoya CEO of FEMCOM

Katherine Nyangui Ichoya CEO of FEMCOM

Katherine is the CEO for FEMCOM. She is a strong Gender Activist, Political Economist and a Consultant in Micro Finance with strong leadership skills and excellent public relations. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree from Nairobi University, Kenya. In the corporate world, her experience spans a period of 10 years as a Bank Manager with National Bank of Kenya before pursuing her Master’s degree in Public Administration from Harvard University.

She has lectured at Tufts and New Hampshire Graduate schools where she taught women in Development and Micro Economic policies in Boston and New Hampshire respectively. She is a recipient of various awards including Mason Fellow Award from Harvard. She is a member of various international, regional and national associations.

Katherine is one of the pioneers of creating COMESA gender policy. She also facilitated activities towards the establishment of a secretariat in Lilongwe, Malawi. FEMCOM Secretariat is committed to strengthening its national FEMCOM Chapters in 19 Member States in the COMESA region. It has conducted consultative forums, training workshops and advocacy activities within the Member States. Katherine also influenced the creation of the COMESA First Ladies roundtable which has been a resource for ideas and change.

She has negotiated for and acquired land from the Malawi Government to construct a state of the art regional FEMCOM complex in Lilongwe, Malawi for long term sustainability of FEMCOM activities in the region. She has a visionary and passionate concern to see that the FEMCOM complex is in place and that more women are involved in trade and development for the betterment of COMESA region.